An interactive stop-motion installation

  • 2020 - 2022

Ecognosis, a riddle. Ecognosis is like knowing, but more like letting be known. It is something like coexisting. It is like becoming accustomed to something strange, yet it is also becoming accustomed to strangeness that doesn’t become less strange through acclimation. Ecognosis is like a knowing that knows itself.

— Timothy Morton, Dark Ecology

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  • • Nature takes over after the disappearance of human life, describes Alan Weisman in his book The World Without Us. Yet, humans are part of nature, and we are in constant interaction with our surroundings.

  • • The interactive stop-motion installation Ecognosis depicts this idea through the projection of stop-motion animations of insects and plants on the world as we know it, shaped by human life. The public is invited to interact with the installation, as the animated organisms react to the sounds visitors produce.


Concept, design & stop-motion animation: Erin Tjin A Ton & Gosia Kaczmarek
Advice & production stop-motion animation: Martine Rademakers
Soundscape: Evelien van den Broek
Soundscape field recordings: Fred Zeillemaker & Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab
Assistants stop-motion animations: Sanya Gurung, Simone Dunye, Alexandra Nicolau & Sjors de Bruin
Furniture: WoodWorks
Photography: Moon Saris, Eddy Wenting & Chun-Han Chiang
Archival footage: De man & de vos & Chun-Han Chiang
Technical advice: Performance Technology LAB & Federico Murgia & Gertjan Biasino
Graphic design: Mainly Afternoon


‘BetweenTwoHands op Internationaal Microfestival’ by Fokko van der Straaten, RTV Dordrecht
'Feeërieke stadsjungle zonder mensen’ by Annette Embrechts in Theaterkrant
‘De natuur neemt het over’ by Jan Pieter Ekker in Parool