A miniature laboratory

  • 2016

This object theatre performance brings to life the mysterious realm of the duodenum: a segment of the small intestine where the processing of food begins. Often overlooked in our daily lives, the duodenum serves as a metaphor for the enigmatic workings of our bodies and their profound influence on our well-being.

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  • • It is a work full of creatures, such as hand puppets in the shape of tongues, an eye that blinks and a scalpel that dances like a ballerina. Presenting the duodenum as a laboratory, the work echoes the engineering mentality of contemporary society in which everything is fixable, adjustable and even makeable, including bodies and body parts.

  • • As a collage of objects that come to life, Duodenum is a visually stunning exploration of the intricate dance between science and wonder, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the unseen takes centre stage.


Design & performance: Erin Tjin A Ton & Gosia Kaczmarek
Theatre director: Anna Verduin
Sound design: René Thie & Kaveh Vares
Trailer camera: Eefje Vaghi
Trailer editing: Ruben Pest


‘BetweenTwoHands makes theatre per square centimetre’ by L. Loorbach